Truma Aventa on Winnebago

Truma Air Conditioning Systems

Perfectly balanced comfort

Pure. Cool. Quiet. Comfort.

Keep your RV cool and comfortable with the most advanced and effective RV air conditioner available. The Truma Aventa creates the perfect balance of cooling and humidity, while keeping noise to a minimum.

Warranty Registration: Extend your 12 month warranty to a 24 month warranty


  • What is the Truma Aventa?

    The Truma Aventa rooftop air conditioner will be Truma’s first air conditioning product offering to the North American RV market. 

  • What makes the Truma Aventa better?

    The Aventa is German engineered for the perfect balance of cooling and humidity, creating ultimate comfort while minimizing noise in a modern, energy-efficient, low-profile design.

  • How many models are available?

    There are two Aventa models in either black or white. The eco model offers 13,500 BTU/h cooling capacity, while the Comfort models offer 15,000 BTU/h cooling capacity.

  • What color is the inside Aventa air distributor?

    ​​The Truma Aventa air distributor features an ergonomic design with multi-directional air adjustments. Its low profile maximizes headroom and is available in grey or cream.

  • What operating modes does the Aventa have?

    All Truma Aventa models come standard with automatic cooling, dehumidification, night, and air circulation modes, as well as three manually selectable cooling modes: low, medium, and high.

  • What is the Aventa Cooling Mode?

    Cool down fast and stay comfortable with your choice of three manually selected fan speeds (low, med, high). Alternatively, set to automatic mode and let the Aventa select and adjust fan speeds to reach and maintain your preferred temperature quickly and efficiently.

  • What is the Air Circulation Mode on the Aventa?

    Keep air circulating within the RV for your comfort when cooling is not needed. Operate at your preferred fan speed (low, med, high).

  • What is the Aventa Dehumidification Mode?

    The Aventa operates to remove moisture from the air in the most effective way possible.

  • What does Night Mode do on the Truma Aventa?

    Stay cool at night while keeping interior noise and exterior noise to a minimum for you and your neighbors.

  • How is the Aventa controlled?

    The Truma Aventa can be controlled wirelessly with the Aventa remote control, the Truma CP plus control panel and can be integrated into multiplex systems.

  • When will the Truma Aventa be available and how can I get one?

    The Truma Aventa will be available on select new RVs and is currently not offered on the aftermarket. However, consumers will have the opportunity to experience the Aventa anytime at Truma North America's corporate headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana.

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