Mortons on the Move keep warm on their Go North Adventure with the Truma AquaGo and VarioHeat


Tom and Caitlin Morton from Mortons on the Move got to enjoy the comfort of having a Truma AquaGo and VarioHeat on board their truck camper during their Go North expedition through Canada and Alaska. They shared some experiences along the way with the Truma AquaGo and VarioHeat!

Arctic Ocean

“We made it to Tuktoyaktuk on the shore of the Arctic Ocean! We couldn’t visit without taking a dip, so we cranked up the VarioHeat furnace in the Lance Truck Camper, so it was nice and warm after our plunge. Thanks to the AquaGo, we had a long hot shower waiting for us too! It was glorious!”

The Truma AquaGo Comfort and Comfort Plus can be used in freezing temperatures ensuring you always have a constant and endless supply of hot water for showering no matter where you choose to camp or in what season. Find RVs with the Truma AquaGo at

Sleeping in the truck camper

“We can’t believe how quiet the Truma VarioHeat is! Tom’s a light sleeper and whenever we run our normal furnace in our fifth wheel he is woken up whenever it kicks on. Having the VarioHeat as a test retrofit in the Lance Truck Camper for the Go North project has completely spoiled us! With its Night Fan Mode, we both sleep soundly through the chilly northern Canadian and Alaskan nights.”

The Truma VarioHeat has a special night mode that can be controlled by the digital CP plus control panel ensuring minimal variation in room temperature. The CP plus can also be used to operate the AquaGo when installed with the VarioHeat.

The whole family enjoyed Truma comfort

“Our dog Bella thinks we are crazy, but we are seriously excited about our Truma VarioHeat & AquaGo keeping us warm and comfortable on the move, especially as cooler temperatures settle in as we make our way south from Alaska! We believe cold weather is much more fun when you know you can warm up easily and efficiently.”

The Truma VarioHeat is a great choice for small towable trailers or motorhomes. Installation is flexible and can be installed both horizontally and vertically. Small and lightweight, the VarioHeat can also be used as a second furnace. Manufacturers are beginning to install the VarioHeat furnace standard on motorhomes, travel trailers and truck campers.

Smiling in the Snow

“We had our first snow of the season in Burns Lake, BC on October 7th! Normally snowy weather means we have to get south ASAP or else it means weighing comfort over burning through propane like crazy. On this trip, we have no worries, as the Truma VarioHeat and AquaGo appliances efficiently keep us warm and our water hot on-demand even in these chilly temperatures!”

Truma heating and water systems have been expertly engineered to save energy. Want to know how much propane you have in the tank? Use the Truma LevelCheck and never run out unexpectedly again.

Camping at Salmon Glacier

“We camped on the side of a cliff overlooking the Salmon Glacier. Temperatures plummeted below freezing as soon as the sun went down in this alpine landscape, but we stayed warm and cozy!


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