RV Water Tanks and the "navy shower" routine

Maybe you’re new to RV camping and your family has just purchased a new or used camper. You’re excited to take your first vacation as a family out in nature and have fun bonding. There’s a lot to learn about the ins and outs of RV life and with time and experience, you will learn that. But before you take your family on your first trip, we want to educate you on what to expect with one of the first things you will have to adjust to - using water in your RV. 

When you go to a campground and hook up to the water supply, you can now wash your hands in the sinks, clean dishes, flush toilets and take showers. While you don’t need hot water to flush toilets, you do need it for all other tasks. But you won’t always be hooked up to services when you’re camping, so your RV has a few “water” tanks.

An RV has three to four water tanks: your potable water, grey water and black water tanks. Potable water delivers clean drinkable water to your sinks and showers, grey water is where the potable water ends up after being used in sinks and showers and black water is the water coming from toilets. A fourth type of water tank, the hot water heater, is a tank that heats 6-gallons or more of water at a time.     

Hot water expectations historically were adjusted to a mindset that campers had to deal with fast showers, carefully conserving hot water since the water heater tank is so small. This entailed turning the water off while soaping up and shampooing (known as a “navy shower”). Imagine trying to bathe your small child after they have been playing outside all day in water that is either cold, or has to be turned off every few seconds for conservation purposes.

The Truma AquaGo has changed that expectation. The AquaGo is a tankless system that heats water on demand and provides that hot water endlessly, like at home, or better! Even when campgrounds have shower facilities, most times, people prefer to shower in the comfort and cleanliness of their own RV. 

If you expect hot showers while camping, look for RVs with Truma On Board or contact a certified service technician that can install the Truma AquaGo at: