If You Love Camping You Are Not Alone

in a tent

The secret's out. More and more people are experiencing the joy of camping. Since 2014 there has been a 72% increase in the number of campers who camp three or more times a year. There are over 77 million camping households in the US, and every year 1 million new families start camping.

Whether it's a love for the outdoors or a way to escape your busy life, camping offers something for just about everyone.

Let's take a look at some exciting camping facts:

  • 38% of the 75 million household campers are Millennials—an increase of 34% since 2016.
  • 54% of campers travel less than 100 miles from home. Western US and Canadian campers are the most likely to travel long distances.
  • 60% of campers do so in tents; however, 60% of new campers are staying in RV's.
  • 96% of campers enjoy camping with family and friends and feel healthier because of the benefits of outdoor activities.
  • 85% of adult campers state that getting their children to participate in outdoor activities is the most significant reason they camp.
  • The top five most essential items to take camping are:
    • 61% - tent
    • 38% - sleeping bag
    • 24% - bug spray
    • 23% - cooler or fridge
    • 22% - firewood

More people realize that camping is an excellent opportunity to bring family and friends together; To get away from the daily grind, recharge, and get closer to nature. Whether you're camping in a tent, or an RV, roughing it, or glamping, Truma has several products that help make your experience a great one.

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John Jambor
Head of Marketing Truma North America