Truma is making an appearance on the Discovery Channel!


This month check out the new series on Discovery Channel called The RVers. The RVers is a new show about 4 couples that live in their RVs full time and their many adventures on the road. You can see what it’s like for 30 million Americans who enjoy the RV lifestyle.

Anthony Nalli serves as the host and narrator of the show. Nalli has been a full-time RVer with his wife and two dogs since 2015. He is also the driving force behind the show, The Aviators.

Peter Knize and John Sullivan also serve as hosts of The RVers and their own YouTube based channel, The RV Geeks. The focus of their show is to help people learn to repair, maintain and upgrade their RV systems.

Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard are hosts and have a site called Technomadia which they use to help keep the RV community connected.

Caitlin and Tom Morton also host a segment of The RVers in addition to their website and podcast, Mortons on the Move. They travel with two dogs in tow and explore areas off the beaten path. Spoiler Alert – if you have not tuned in to their latest expedition, Go North,

the Truma VarioHeat and Truma AquaGo make appearances in the Morton’s Lance truck camper. Where those adventures took them, they definitely needed to stay warm.

Truma is happy to be a sponsor of this exciting new show that highlights the fun and adventure that we all know as RVing! During the series, see the Truma Corp commercial and learn more about our journey throughout the years.

Watch The RVers on Discovery Channel premiering on November 17th. It will also be available on PBS in January 2020, and Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Vudu or Wild TV and BellTV in Canada in November.