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Frequently Asked Questions

Truma Aventa

  • What is the Truma Aventa?

    The Truma Aventa rooftop air conditioner will be Truma’s first air conditioning product offering to the North American RV market.

  • What makes the Truma Aventa better?

    The Aventa is German engineered for the perfect balance of cooling and humidity, creating ultimate comfort while minimizing noise in a modern, energy-efficient, low-profile design.

  • How many models are available?

    There are two Aventa models in either black or white. The Eco model offers 13,500 BTU/h cooling capacity, while the Comfort models offer 15,000 BTU/h cooling capacity.

  • What color is the inside Aventa air distributor?

    The Truma Aventa air distributor features an ergonomic design with multi-directional air adjustments. Its low profile maximizes headroom and is available in grey or cream.

  • What operating modes does the Aventa have?

    All Truma Aventa models come standard with automatic cooling, dehumidification, night, and air circulation modes, as well as three manually selectable cooling modes: low, medium, and high.

  • What is the Aventa Cooling Mode?

    Cool down fast and stay comfortable with your choice of three manually selected fan speeds (low, med, high). Alternatively, set to automatic mode and let the Aventa select and adjust fan speeds to reach and maintain your preferred temperature quickly and efficiently.

  • What is the Air Circulation Mode on the Aventa?

    Keep air circulating within the RV for your comfort when cooling is not needed. Operate at your preferred fan speed (low, med, high).

  • What is the Aventa Dehumidification Mode?

    The Aventa operates to remove moisture from the air in the most effective way possible.

  • What does Night Mode do on the Truma Aventa?

    Stay cool at night while keeping interior noise and exterior noise to a minimum for you and your neighbors.

  • How is the Aventa controlled?

    The Truma Aventa can be controlled wirelessly with the Aventa remote control, the Truma CP+ control panel and can be integrated into multiplex systems. 

  • When will the Truma Aventa be available and how can I get one?

    The Truma Aventa will be available on select new RVs and is currently not offered on the aftermarket. However, consumers will have the opportunity to experience the Aventa in early 2022 at Truma North America's corporate headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana

Truma AquaGo

  • How Does the Truma AquaGo Work?

    acquago circulationThe Truma AquaGo instant water heater is connected between the vehicle's fresh water supply and its hot water system. When the appliance is switched on, the burner starts automatically as soon as the hot water faucet is opened and the flow of the water is greater than approximately 0.4 gallons per minute (1.5 l/min). The stepless burner control adjusts heater output based on flow and inlet water temperature, maintaining an outlet temperature of approximately 120 °F (49 °C).

    A temperature stabilizer minimizes outlet temperature fluctuations. A comfortable water temperature at the faucet or shower is achieved by mixing with cold water. The burner switches off automatically when the faucet is closed to conserve LP gas. The Truma AquaGo basic does not have frost protection and should not be used or filled with water when there is a danger of freezing.

  • My AquaGo has a rapidly flashing light at LED3

    Truma AquaGo stuck in clean mode
    Please follow these instructions step by step (download a printable version here)


    1. Power to the unit must be on from the main panel
    2. The outside switch on the AquaGo needs to be in the “ON” position either up or down.
    3. Turn rotary dial on inside switch to “ECO” or “Comfort” mode (these are the top 2 positions on the switch)
    4. Wait until you hear the circulation pump cycle on and off – You may need to “wake up” the switch by turning it on and off a couple times until you hear the circulation pump cycling.
    5. Open all the hot water faucets in the vehicle- let the water run until the yellow light stops flashing, this could take 15 minutes or more. (During this time you will hear the circulation pump turning off and on in approx. 30 second intervals this is normal. The burner will not ignite)
    6. Once the flush cycle is complete the LED on the control switch goes out and you will see a red LED fault code on the main control PCB. This is fault code 31 (S,S,S,L,L,L,L,L) “Decalcification Complete”.
    7. Turn rotary dial to the “off” position
    8. Turn the rocker switch on the AquaGo to the “off” position wait 30 seconds
    9. Turn rocker switch on the AquaGo back on- solid green light should be present
    10. Turn the rotary dial to the “ECO” or “Comfort” mode (you may need to wake up the dial by turning it on and off a couple times)

    The unit should work normally at this time.

  • How to Winterize my AquaGo

    Winterizing your AquaGo is easy with the "Easy Drain Lever".

    • Drain all the water from the appliance
    • Release the yellow "Easy Drain Lever" on the front of your AquaGo
    • Remove the filter and let the water drain
    • Store your filter in a safe place for the winter - DO NOT put it back in the AquaGo

    Watch Billy demonstrate this simple process in the attached video.


  • How to Operate My AquaGo Control Panel

    Learn how to:

    • Set control panel mode
      • eco
      • comfort
    • Decalcify in clean mode
    • Shut the system off
    • Use antifreeze mode
      • if antifreeze kit is installed

    Download the Quick Reference guide for more information or watch the attached video for a hands-on tutorial.

    *control panel is only available on Comfort & Comfort+ models


  • AquaGo wall mounted control knob light not lit

    If the wall control light is not lit amber you may have to "wake up" the system.

    Turn the switch slowly to the on position then to the off position. 

    You may have to do this multiple times in order to get the light to come on indicating the system is ready for operation.

  • How to reset an AquaGo accidentally set to clean mode

    Follow these instructions step by step.

    1. Be sure the exterior main switch on the AquaGo unit is in the ON position, either the up or down position. You will see a GREEN LED light.
    2. Turn the rotary dial on the inside of the RV to either COMFORT or ECO modes. (Your may need to turn the dial twice to wake it up. An amber light will indicate the dial is awake.)
    3. Go outside to the AquaGo unit and listen for the circulation pump to start. It will run for 10 seconds on repeating 30 second intervals. 
    4. Open all hot water faucets and let the water run until you see the inside rotary dial STOPS flashing yellow, or the AquaGo unit will flash with a red light. This will take a minimum of 15 minutes.
    5. Once the LED light stops flashing YELLOW on the rotary dial or the AquaGo unit light flashes RED you may turn OFF all water faucets.
    6. Turn the interior rotary dial to the OFF position.
    7. Switch the AquaGo unit off using the outside switch for 30 seconds then return it to one of the two ON positions.
    8. Turn the interior rotary dial to COMFORT mode. You may need to do this twice to wake the control. 
    9. You will now see a steady YELLOW led light on the knob indication the unit is ready for normal operation.

Truma Combi

  • How Does the Truma Combi Work?

    1 Control panel
    2 Gas connection
    3 Solenoid valve
    4 Combined combustion air/exhaust cowl
    5 Combustion air fan
    6 Gas burner
    7 Ignition electrode
    8 Combustion chamber
    9 Flame tube with baffle
    10 Combustion air fan
    11 Heat exchanger
    12 Electric heating elements
    13 Four warm air outlets
    14 Stainless steel water container,10 litres
    15 Hot water connection pipe
    16 Cold water connection pipe
    17 Room temperature sensor
    18 HDF thermal jacket

    The furnace is switched on and the required temperature for heating and warm water is set on the Truma Combi LCD control panel (1). The gas supply to the furnace is controlled by the solenoid valve (3). The necessary combustion air flows through the outer pipe of the combined inlet for combustion air/outlet for exhaust (4) into the furnace and is transported into the gas burner (6) with the help of the combustion air motor (5). The gas burner ignites the gas-air mixture in the combustion chamber (8).

    The hot exhaust gases are deflected at the end of the combustion chamber on the baffle plate of the flame tube (9) and flow back between the burner's flame tube and the inner wall of the heat exchanger. They leave the furnace through the exhaust outlet (4).

    The circulation air fan (10) feeds the air to be heated into the device. The air flows along the heat exchanger (11) ribs, which ensure optimum heat transfer with their large transfer surface. Additional electric heating elements (12) are situated in the heat exchanger. Water and/or air can be alternatively or additionally heated by them. The warm air is then distributed in the vehicle via four warm air outlets (13). The fresh water is located in the outer stainless steel water container (14). It is heated by heat transfer from the heat exchanger (11).

  • How to Winterize the Truma Combi

    Please refer to your RV manufacturer's instructions for winterizing and bypass valves.

    1. Place a vessel that's at least 2.64 gallons (10 liters) underneath the drainage outlet of the drain valve.
    2. Use the main switch or pump switch to turn off the power to the water-pump
    3. Turn off or disconnect the city water connection if present
    4. open all water release points, e.g. cold and hot water faucets, showers, toilets
    5. flip yellow handle to be in line with valve body to drain. 

    For more detailed instructions watch the attached video


  • How to Navigate your Truma Combi CP+ Control Panel

    Learn how to:

    • adjust room temperature
    • select energy mode
    • adjust water temperature
    • set the clock
    • set start and end times
    • select fan speed
    • set system settings

    Download the Quick Reference guide or watch the attached video for an interactive tutorial.


  • Error code E8 is displayed on my CP+
    • disconnect and reconnect the power to the CP+ unit
    • Make sure all connections are clean and making good contact

    If the error persists please contact Truma Customer Service for additional support.

  • Error code E18 is displayed on my CP+

    Air intake is obstructed

    • Clear air intake
    • check warm air outlets for blockage or crushed ducting

    If the error persists please contact Truma Customer Service for additional support.

  • Combi has no error code but will not stay lit

    Check to make sure the tank has not frozen becoming swollen and restricting the air flow into ducting. This could cause the unit to overheat and cycle off.

    Please contact Truma Customer Service for additional support.

  • What to check if your Combi will not operate on gas mode
    1. Has the Combi previously worked on LP?
    2. is the gas turned on at the tank?
    3. Is there a gas on/off switch in the coach
      1. if so is it in the on position?
    4. Is there LP in the cylinder?
    5. Do other gas appliances run for more than 30 seconds?
    6. is the cylinder in the full open position?
    7. Is there a cylinder changeover valve and is it turned to the correct position (full cylinder)?
    8. is the switch on top of the Combi unit in the ON position?
    9. is the 12V master switch for the vehicle switched on?
    10. does the Combi operate properly in 110V mode?
    11. Has the high limit reset been tripped?
      1. If so, run cold water through the Combi for a few minutes and reset if tripped.

    If you verify all the steps above and are still having problems contact Truma Customer Service for additional support.

  • What to check if your Combi will not operate on 110V power
    1. Is there 110V power available to the vehicle?
    2. does the Combi operate in gas only mode?
    3. Is the 12V master switch on?
    4. Is the high limit reset tripped?
      1. If so run cold water through the Combi for a few minutes and then reset.
    5. Check 12V and 110V power to the Combi
      1. Turn off power to the Combi
      2. Remove the PCB cover where the 12V data cables connect and check the 110V main thermostat reset
      3. Replace the PCB cover
      4. Reconnect power and try again

    If you are still experiencing issues contact Truma Customer Service for additional support.

Truma VarioHeat

Truma LevelCheck

  • How Does the Truma LevelCheck Work?

    To measure, place the Truma LevelCheck against the wall of the LPG tank horizontally at a 90° angle. The fill level is determined using an ultrasound signal. If there is LPG at the measured area, the signal is echoed by the opposite wall of the tank. This measurement is indicated by a green LED and a high-pitched "beep". If there is no LP at the measured area, the signal is not echoed back. This is indicated by a red LED and a lower-pitched "beep".


    Attach Truma LevelCheck horizontally to the wall of the gas cylinder at an angle of 90°. If there is liquefied gas in the measuring range, the result is shown by a green LED. Otherwise, the LED is red.


    In order to obtain a reliable measurement, the measuring head must be cleaned regularly with a wet cloth (do not use any cleaning agents). A soiled measuring head can result in inaccurate measurements.
    Dust particles often stick to tanks, particularly aluminium ones, which interfere with the measuring procedure.

    Soiled or rusty LPG tanks also tend to be difficult to measure.
    Measurements can be affected by the following:

    • invisible rusty areas in the inside of the LPG tank
    • an extremely thick coating of paint on the exterior of the LPG tank
    • stickers on the outside of the LPG tank
    • frozen condensation on the outside of the LPG tank
    • dented or heavily scratched LPG tanks

    Cleaning or measuring in a different location on the tank usually produces the desired result.

    It is not possible to take measurements on plastic cylinders (because the signal is not echoed), gas tanks or fillable gas cylinders (because of internal components that deflect the signal).

    How do I know whether I have a reliable measurement?

    • You should get a result in approximately 1-2 seconds.
    • With a short measuring time, the device has a clear signal and the indicator (green) for the filled area or (red) for the empty area is reliable.
    • A longer measuring time between 3 and 10 seconds is an indication of an unclear signal, which will result in a red indicator (erroneous measurement).

    Additional note:
    Measurements taken in the lower area of full gas cylinders often fail. This is because of the restricted reflection of the echo from the distant surface of the liquid gas.

CP Plus Control Panel

Truma App

General Questions

  • Do Truma Propane Heaters Require Maintenance?


    However, with heaters that are supported by fans, we recommend that you clean the heat exchanger and the fan wheel fins with a paintbrush or vacuum cleaner before winter.

    If the heater has an auto ignitor, we recommend that you replace the batteries about every two years or if the ignition frequency becomes slower. Use only batteries that are heat proof and that do not leak.

  • Is the Truma iNet System Available for the North American RV Market?

    Thank you for your interest in the Truma iNet system.

    Currently this product is not available to the North American RV market. 
    We are working hard to develop an integrated digital solution to support connected systems in the future and will provide additional information once available. 
    For general inquiries about Truma and where to purchase our systems, please email or call toll free 1-855-558-7862.