Keeping Your Pets Comfortable and Safe When You RV

rv with pets

They aren’t just pets, to some they’re also family and for as long as people have been traveling, they have been taking their pets along for the adventure. Many RVs even have special pet food and watering stations, tie-out grommets and little windows for your furry friends to watch the scenery.  Truma makes RVing comfortable for your pet as well. If your dog likes hiking as much as you do, you both can enjoy hot water for showering when you return to your RV. 

No Need to Wait, Truma Mobile Service Comes to you!


Sometimes there is a long waitlist to get products installed on your RV. We don’t want you to wait to enjoy instant hot water - that’s the whole idea behind the Truma AquaGo hybrid instant water heater. As a solution, our Truma Mobile Service Techs offer mobile service in Arizona, California, Florida and Northern Indiana so you can skip the waiting process. For those customers wanting to upgrade their hot water experience, our Truma Mobile Service Techs will install the Truma AquaGo at your home, at the or campground or at an upcoming RV show.

Winterizing your Truma AquaGo or Truma Combi

AquaGo easy drain lever

Winterizing your Truma AquaGo

The Truma AquaGo Easy Drain Lever makes winterization a quick and painless process.

Step 1: Begin by turning off the Truma AquaGo and give the unit time to cool down. Put the AquaGo water system in a non-pressurized state by turning off the pump or incoming water supply and relieve the pressure by opening hot and cold water fixtures. The unit should be placed in bypass in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 2: Simply release the yellow “Easy Drain Lever” to empty the mixing vessel.