Truma AquaGo Standard on Luxury RVs


Many RV manufactures have begun installing the Truma AquaGo as standard equipment on large, luxury RV’s. Truma is proud to partner with brands like Tiffin, Newmar and Forest River who understand the value of providing RVers the best water experience possible while on the road.


Tiffin began installing the Truma AquaGo standard in 2018 on the Wayfarer Class C Motorhome and has recently implemented the instant water heater into many of their Class A models. The Truma AquaGo now comes standard on four Tiffin Class A Motorhomes: the 2020 Allegro RED, the 2020 Allegro Breeze, the 2020 Allegro RED 340, and the 2020 Open Road Allegro. The AquaGo is also available as an option on Tiffin’s 2020 Phaeton.


Newmar’s 2020 Canyon Star Class A toy hauler comes with the Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus, which is our most luxurious instant water heater. Newmar decided to include the AquaGo Comfort Plus standard on this motorhome because it provides true hot water immediately at the tap due to the heated circulation lines installed throughout the RV. As long as the RV has water and propane, the user will never run out of hot water allowing for endless showers, dishwashing and washing laundry.


Forest River’s Cedar Creek division is installing the Truma AquaGo as standard equipment on board all of its luxurious Champagne models. The 5th wheel Champagne includes several residential amenities making the Truma AquaGo a good fit since the AquaGo provides a residential shower experience in your RV.


We are so excited to see our growing list of RV manufacturer partners! Customers who buy high-end RVs, expect the very best products to be included and work flawlessly for their adventures. Truma is glad to offer those systems to our customers that enhance the camping experience and require little to no maintenance.


The Truma AquaGo instant water heater comes in three models: basic, comfort and comfort plus. The AquaGo can be installed on newly built RV’s or retrofitted in place of any tankless or 6-16-gallon traditional RV water heater. To learn more about Truma and their innovative systems please visit