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  Truma Combi comfort

Heating and Hot Water for Large Vehicles

Truma Combi comfort combines two functions in one appliance: furnace and water heating. The especially lightweight, compact heater ensures pleasant temperatures in larger caravans and motor homes. The heater contains a 2.64 gal. (10L) stainless steel water tank which is also heated in winter. In summer, you can heat just the water without using the furnace. The water reaches a temperature of 140 °F (60 °C) in about 20 minutes – perfect for a shower after an arduous mountain bike tour.

Four air outlets for optimum distribution of warm air
Very low energy consumption
The water heats more evenly and faster due to the asymmetrical shape of the stainless steel tank

Suitable for


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Truma Combi Models

Truma Combi eco

  • 7,500 BTU/h and 14,300 BTU/h operating levels

Truma Combi eco plus

  • 7,500 BTU/h and 14,300 BTU/h operating levels
  • Propane, electric and mixed modes are possible

Truma Combi comfort

  • 7,500 BTU/h, 14,300 BTU/h and additional 20,400 BTU/h operating levels

Truma Combi comfort plus

  • 7,500 BTU/h, 14,300 BTU/h and additional 20,400 BTU/h operating levels
  • Propane, electric and mixed modes are possible

You'll Love Twice the Comfort

Truma Combi: Hot air and hot water from one smart appliance. This saves space and weight in your RV or trailer. The water tank is integrated into the furnace for hot air and hot water. In summer mode you can turn of the furnace and heat water only.

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Heating and hot water in one: Truma Combi heaters

  • CP plus Ready
    • Digital control panel for Truma Combi furnaces with automatic climate control, boost function and time switch
    • Simply set the room and water temperatures on the digital Truma CP plus control panel
  • Unique Features
    • Near silent operation
    • Lightweight and space-saving solution
    • Maintains constant temperature throughout the RV
    • Optional electric heating for air and water
    • Highest available energy-efficiency over 90%
  • Available Models

    The following Truma Combi variations are available for the North American market:

    • Truma Combi eco
    • Truma Combi eco plus
    • Truma Combi comfort
    • Truma Combi comfort plus

Truma Combi Features and Benefits

More Details about Truma Combi comfort

There are various options for installing Truma Combi comfort in your vehicle. The warm air flows almost silently into the vehicle’s interior through four air outlets where it is distributed evenly to ensure the perfect indoor climate. Since the Combi heater can, for example, be installed under the bench seat, it doesn’t obstruct movement inside the vehicle.

The time-tested Truma Combi heater is also available with integrated electric heating elements in the Truma Combi comfort plus and Truma Combi eco plus versions.

  • The Truma Combi comfort heater also works with an empty water tank
  • The lightweight, compact design of Combi comfort allows various installation options
  • Simple operation with the digital CP plus control panel

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Love our Truma! Reliable heat and hot water, super responsive and energy efficient.
Ron Bayles, Facebook Review

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