What Camping Means to Me

Bob Camping

When you're camping, not everything goes to plan.  Sometimes it rains,  sometimes you forget to fill the propane tank, and sometimes you fall out of the camper and sleep in the grass.  But sometimes you see the Milky Way by the fire with your mom.  Sometimes you hear the howl of a coyote or the "whooooo" of an owl off in the distance. And sometimes you learn you're more capable then you thought.  You learn a little more about the depth of your self-worth and identity.

RVers are the Best People

customer care

In 15 years, I have decided that RVers are the best people out there. I see posts on social media about how awful it is to work in customer service, and that is not my experience at all.  Maybe because service is essential in Truma’s business philosophy, I am passionate about the fact that I can turn an unhappy customer calling for help into a lifetime enthusiastic (Truma) customer, just because I made a difference.

Canvas Covered Memories

canvas tent

Every year or two, we would take a vacation to a major destination. Disney, Myrtle Beach, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin Dells. None of these trips hold more of a place in my heart than those covered in canvas. Those weekends in our old canvas tent were the best.