Winter Camping is Almost Here - Is Your RV Ready?

winter camping

Cold and snow used to signal the end of the camping season. But more and more RVers are discovering just how fun winter camping can be. Skiing, sledding, snowball fights, ice fishing, and toasty campfires are just some of the fantastic activities to be enjoyed. 

Many beautiful campgrounds across the country remain open during the winter, where you can cross-country ski, snowmobile, or take in the wildlife, or enjoy a good book in your warm RV. Some of the most popular winter camping destinations include Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio, where you can spot frozen waterfalls or hike to their famous caves. The Dakota Ridge RV Park in Colorado offers breath-taking views of the Rocky Mountains, and the Redmond/Central KOA is a snow-covered wonder in the wintertime. 

However, one of the biggest concerns about winter camping is staying warm. No one wants to be outside all day only to freeze in a cold RV when you return. When the temperature dips, no amount of insulation or window covering will keep you warm if you have a terrible furnace. Truma systems designed to provide four-season comfort are the perfect solution for keeping you warm in the winter. Purchasing an RV equipped with the Truma Combi, Truma VarioHeat, or the Alde 3020 ensures you're ready for any adventure.

Truma Combi

The Truma Combi.

This lightweight, space-saving system combines both hot air and hot water in one smart appliance. With up to 20,400 BTU/h output, this furnace keeps your water cold year-round, and your RV toasty warm in the winter. The option to operate the Truma Combi in either gas (LP), electric, or mixed modes at over 90% efficiency makes this the ideal air and gas heating system for getting off the grid. Learn more about the Truma Combi >>

Truma VarioHeat

The Truma VarioHeat.

The Truma VarioHeat is a luxury furnace perfect for travel trailers, motorhome, and vans. Thanks to its near-silent operation, intelligent fan control, and three-stage burner system with a special night mode, you'll sleep sweet and sound. Direct vent or ducted, vertical or horizontal installation, and 90% efficiency make the Truma VarioHeat the most versatile RV heating system. Combine the Truma VarioHeat with the Truma AquaGo to create a world-class hybrid system for heating and instant hot water. Learn more about the Truma VarioHeat >> 


The Alde 3020.

The Alde 3020 Hydronic Heating System gives you comfort in every detail. The convectors heat air, which rises upwards. When the warm air reaches the ceiling, it circulated downwards and inwards towards the floor to be reheated by the convectors—an unbelievably quiet and efficient solution. Add heated floors, towel racks, and the Alde Flow continuous water heater for a complete solution.   Learn more about the Alde 3020 >>

Don't let the cold keep you from doing what you love. Get out there and enjoy all four seasons. Remember, anyone can tell camping stories, but only real adventurers can tell stories about winter camping. Looking for an RV or camper with a Truma On Board, check out the extensive list of manufacturers offering Truma systems.

John Jambor
Head of Marketing